How to Reduce Stress   Let’s understand first in various   ways … WHAT IS STRESS Stress can be defined as our Mental , Physical , Emotional and Behavioural reactions to any perceived Desire , Demands ,   Threats , Challenges ,   Events , Sudden Changes.   Stress also called as Pressure, Tension, Strain, Force.   Stress is directly connected   with   Events. Stress is more   Psychological   rather than   Physica l.   First it effects our   Emotions , It increases Feelings of   Emotional or Physical Tension , fear and Worries for   mishappening   of Unforeseen or Known Event.     It can come from any Event or thought that makes you feel Frustrated, Angry, or Nervous . Depressed , Irritated.  Stress is a normal human reaction that can be   happens with almost Everyone. In fact, the human body is designed to experience Stress and react to it. When you experience Changes or Challenges     your body produces physical and mental responses. Sometime Stress is Spontaneous and some