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  How to make love in old age   Since the evolution of human being on this earth and till today the development, modernisation, growth, industrial revolution etc, we see and observe globally is only possible due to strong mental, physical, and sexual health of human being. Everyone loves to read, discuss and talk about on every topic except sex in older age.   But why the sexual activity of older people remains taboo in many societies? Is it unnatural, prohibited, uncommon, out dated, immoral? Show your love and Donate via Paypal It has become a normal tendency to desexualise older people in many families, culture and societies without defying any specific reasons. This opinion is oftenly supported by young generation. Perhaps they assume that sexual activities are only for them and they are more capable to do it because they are in 20s, 30s or 40s. Now time has changed, age is no bar for sexual activities . Age is just a number. This opinion has changed because a larger n
  How to touch her lovingly   Touch is always remain one of the main ways to connect and communicate with someone, the other is with polite words, now touch allows you to really connect to a woman and research shows that men have a lot more luck with women when they understand how and where they should touch them, men often think it is very easy to know how to touch any woman, but it is actually an art and a lot more complicated. Actually women are naturally very different to men and this means that like different things now women are typically palpable in nature. So this means that their tactile   perception prevails over vision, hearing and other senses and the female body has a larger amount of receptors compared to a man. This is because of the zone of woman’s physic called the erogenous zone .   Show your love and Donate via Paypal Women know that they are more beauty conscious and much more sensitive to touch compared to men which is why they on average touch these spo
  Benefits of Orgasm Orgasm is really very amazing feeling. Many people consider the orgasm as the maximum height of sexual excitement. It is supposed to be very pleasant and strong feeling of physical pleasure and sensation . Orgasm is ultimate achievement of satisfactory physical relation. Show your love and Donate via Paypal Orgasm is usually result of sexual stimulation and involved the muscles, blood vessel, and the best part is release of endorphin, oxytocin, and dopamine, which is known as the feel good chemical. Both male and female feel orgasm, males usually ejaculate when reaching orgasm and females experience vaginal wall contraction and ejaculation also. While most people don’t need convincing that they should climax more, it’s still a good idea to learn more about orgasm because many things can get in the way of erotic expression. So just in case you need a gentle push to make sure that your sexual and orgasmic life is alive and going well. Orgasm can do mor