Conflict Management

Conflict  comes from the Latin word  Conflictus   which means to  strike hard, the terms of Conflictus  later turned  into Conflict , and  this term have simple meaning -Disagreement between the people, Struggle , Clash of Interest , Opinion , or even in Principal.

Conflict is defined as a clash between individuals arising out of a difference in Thought, Process, Attitudes, Understanding, Interests, Requirements and even sometimes Perceptions. A conflict results in heated arguments, physical abuses and definitely loss of peace and harmony.

Why do Conflicts Arise –

Well, No two person in this entire world is the Same ,  Are they ?  Conflict  always be found in society , in family , at work place . As the basis of conflict may vary to be Personal, Disagreement , Different Nature, Mind sets , Ideology , Opinion,   Racial, Class, Caste and Creed , Political and International Matters . Conflicts are bound to happen weather you are at work or at home ,  within everybody Conflicts obvious  to arise because of different  above mentioned reasons .

Basic Causes Of Conflicts

Intolerance .

Injustice .

Unequal Distribution Of Resources .

Bad or Weak Leadership .

Lack Of Awareness .

Communication Gap .

Perceptions .

Needs .

Style and Policies .

Identifying the Conflict

The reason by which the conflict arises , you need to understand the issues behind the arising the conflict , why people are conflicting ? Identify the person  – The person who is involved may be there or may not be present at the time of conflict so in this situation common sense is to be used .

List the major need and concern of each party , when involved in conflict you do not make mountain of mole and really understand that it happens when two person involved in conflicting situations..

Reading the map – It is important in conflicting situation , you should stick to the agenda,  it is important to be within the time frame , within the map area and should not go out of it .

Some  Negative Words Which Instigate a Conflict…

You Never --

I told you –

Whatever –

I never –

Never mind –

Good for you –

If you use these words.. be sure that the other person will misjudge you and take the situation out of control and into the conflicting situation .

Some Positive Words Which Defuse a Conflict –

If you can –

We understand that –

We can help you –

One Option is –

Let Me Explain –

Might I Suggest –

If you use these words and phrases the conflict may defuse and tone you use will help you to solve the conflicting  situation .

Effects Of Conflicts –

Conflicts can have Positive or Negative effects on the people , Some people have thought that conflicts are always  BAD , having disagreement , difference of opinion, Different ways and Style of working , all these leads to create Conflicts .

Now what do you think Conflict are always BAD , No every time it is not True .

Conflicts are GOOD  Also , People share different kind of Thought , Opinion , Express their Feeling , Knowledge , Which helps to reduce or eliminate Conflicts .

Stages Of Conflicts --    

Latent Stage – It is very initial stage where people are not aware that there might be any Conflict .

Perceived stage – In this stage people have started to become aware and feel that there is Conflict .

Felt Stage – In this stage  people are aware of the situation , they started to feel Conflict  So there is Stress , Anxiety , Negative words , Gesture are there .

Manifest stage – In this stage the Conflicts is open and Manifested and can be observed . People started to show through their body language  , words , tone , that Conflict is on whether people are involved or not.

Aftermath Stage – It happens after the entire Conflict has been done or dealt with, so whether the Conflict has any outcome , resolved or not resolved . this is the last stage of Conflicts.

Forms Of Conflicts --


Functional  is related with  GOOD  conflict . In any society or group where people comes from different background and ideas . It helps to work them together , work towards to achieve the goals .

Constructive in nature are functional conflicts. It helps to come to consensus , help to get solution .

People share information ,  awareness , point of views , ideas and experiences .

It encourages  Innovative and Important  thinking .

Unshackles different point of views and reduces stress.


This is related with BAD Conflict. It effects adversely in following manner

Blocks a Society , Group , or an Organisation from reaching its Goal .

Gives rise to Tension , Anxiety , Stress , and low Trust .

Drives out low Conflict  Tolerant People .

Poor decision from lack of Innovation .

Increases Stagnancy . 

How to manage conflicts –

There are few Tips and Tricks , which you should use in Conflicting situation . This will certainly help you to get out of Conflicts .

Remain calm .

Let the other person do the Talking .

Genuinely   consider the other person’s point of Views .

If you are Wrong , quickly admit it and take responsibility .

If a situation turns verbally  Abusive , put a STOP to it .

YES .. YES .. is very powerful word , use it during conversation .

 I see exactly what you are saying..

Use the Power  of Visualisation. 

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