Woman is always considered as one of the  most beautiful creation of nature. For the continuance         of  existence all living thing including man and woman are engage in reproduction since the very            beginning of evolution.  Without  woman,  reproduction is not possible, even man can’t complete the     process of reproduction alone and vice versa.                                                                                                                      

As almost all of us know that the oldest evidence of penetrative intercourse is about 385 million years old and comes in the form of fossilised remains of the way too aptly named Microbrachius dicki.

Love making, penetration, sexual intercourse or any other name can be given, is not always done for reproduction only.

Among men and women – love, attraction, sensuality,  infatuation, feeling, desire to have sexual intercourse is the natural instinct, which everyone have in DNA, irrespective of culture, religion, climate, age.

Everyone knows and talk about all these activities, and fulfil one’s desire with the consenting partner. Now in case of, if someone doesn’t have sexual partner then what to do ? and how to fulfil the desire ? because  sexual desire is as normal and needed  as food, water, oxygen. This is the situation when sexual fantasies  arises- and the easy way to fulfil the sexual fantasy and to get sexual orgasm is Masturbation, Self pleasure or Solo sex.  

Perhaps  Masturbation is as old as sexual intercourse . Since millennium of years this activity  is carried on . Both men and women are doing and enjoying  this type of solo sex.

A common misconception is  that men are more sexual and most of the time engage in this type of sexual activities. It means women don’t  masturbate ?

This is not true. Women also have the same feeling and desire of sex as men have. There are depictions of male and female masturbation in prehistoric rock paintings around the world. Most early people seem to have connected human sexuality with abundance in nature. A clay figurine of the 4th millennium BC from a temple site on the island of Malta depicts a woman masturbating. Women of different ages and with different sexual preferences enjoy masturbation a lot.

In ancient literature also, a lot of experiences, stories, articles etc, written about women masturbation. So  masturbation is as normal and common in women also, not only in today modern time but also since millennium years ago.


Yes, according to medical science female sex hormones, or sex steroids, play vital roles in sexual development, reproduction, and general health. Sex hormones levels changes over time, but some of the most significant changes happens during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause etc.  The main glands that produce sex hormones are the adrenal glands and the gonads, which include the ovaries in females and testes in males.


In females, the ovaries and adrenal glands are the main producers of sex hormones. Estrogen, Progesterone, and small quantity of testosterone are the main sex hormones in females.

Estrogen – This  is considered the most well known sex hormones for women. Although the majority of estrogen production occurs in the ovaries, the adrenal glands and fat cells produce small quantity of estrogen too. This plays a crucial role in reproduction and sexual development, which begins when a female reaches puberty. Having higher levels of estrogen in the body promotes vaginal lubrication and increases sexual desire.

Progesterone – In females the ovaries, adrenal glands, and placenta produce the sexual hormone progesterone. This hormone levels increase during ovulation and spike during pregnancy. Sometime increase in progesterone can reduce sexual desire.

Testosterone – Although testosterone is the main sexual hormone in males, but it is also present in females but in lower quantity.

Particularly  in  females testosterone affects – fertility , sexual desire , menstruation , tissue and bone mass, red blood cells production. Sometime there is debate around how testosterone levels affect female sex drive. Low level of testosterone may lead to reduced sexual desire in some women. 


More or less, the way of masturbation is common everywhere. This may vary from woman to woman, and depends on the mood, time, feelings, level of sexual urgency and desire of particular woman.

Clitoral masturbation


The visible part of clitoris is a pearl sized organ, often covered by a hood, that is found at the top of women’s vulva where the two inner lips meet. Clitoris is packed with thousands of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of vagina.

Women love to massage the fleshy area on the top of pubic bone, and run the fingers or sex toy along the outer and inner lips of their vulva. Some women form V with pointer and middle fingers and slide them up and down the sides of the clitoris shaft. Vibrator is also a great way to stimulate the clitoris without having to overwork the fingers. Women fun the sex toy up and down the area until they reach orgasm.

Vaginal masturbation

Sometime women feels hard time to reach climax with vaginal stimulation, but it doesn’t mean it can’t  be great fun. Penetrating the vagina with fingers or sex toy brings immense pleasure, even without        orgasm.                                                                                                                                                        

Women like to massage their vaginal opening, then slowly insert fingers or sex toy inside the vagina. Enough  lube and wetness of vagina help to avoid and kind of friction and stimulation of G-spot also.

Various  type  of movements with fingers or toys as, circular, back and forth, stroking, or combination of movements help to get explosive orgasm.

Anal masturbation

Is it sound different ? but true women love to play with anus. Women get off through anal play by indirectly stimulation their G-spot the wall shared between the rectum and vagina. Ample use of lube increases the pleasure as anus is more tight than vagina and it doesn’t self lubricate naturally.

The movements are same as masturbation in vagina, after applying more lube in anus, women start massaging the outside and inside of anal opening, then slowly and gently insert finger or any suitable sex toys into anus.

Penetration in anus  is the same as in vagina. Movements may depend on woman, sometime circular sometime in and out. Whether the penetration is with finger, sex toys or , the orgasm has to be superb.  

Combo masturbation

In this exciting kind of masturbation women love to stimulate vagina along with clitoris especially the G-spot at the same time, using both hands or with fingers and sex toy. This feeling  is really explosive that may leave them convulsing or even lead to ejaculation.

Combo self pleasure play intensifies feelings of joy by stimulating all the sensitive part of women’s genitals.

Erogenous masturbation


Women are very tender by nature. They love to feel every moments of love, very easy going in love making, they love to rub, pinch, pull, squeeze and tug their nipples, inner thighs, hips,  ears, neck, and other sensitive parts of body during solo sex.

All these areas, known as erogenous zones, can cause most pleasurable sensations throughout their body when played with. Sometimes erogenous masturbation turns women to go wild.


Masturbation is considered the safest form of sexual activity. It saves women from the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease  ( STD ) than other sexual activities, and there is no risk of getting unwanted pregnancy

Even still, there are some precautions to keep in mind when masturbating –

Wash your hands properly and trim your nails to reduce the spread of bacteria.

If you are using sex toys to masturbate, be sure to buy high quality products, clean the toys thoroughly before and after use.

Use ample quantity of lubricant, if you are experiencing vaginal dryness, during anal masturbation it is must.

When masturbating with a male partner, avoid any pre-ejaculate fluid or semen come into contact with your genitals to avoid the risk of unwanted and unplanned pregnancy.

Always masturbate in private and secure area, or in the company of consenting partner.


As discussed, contrary to some myth, normal masturbation is not harmful for women’s health or sex life in any manner. Actually solo sex can have the opposite effect because it allows you to figure out what you do and don’t  like , according to study that women who masturbate getting more satisfaction with their partner than those who don’t masturbate.

Sometimes women also enjoy masturbation with their partner, that can bring them more closer together sexually, and more orgasm, all very good reasons to enjoy some solo sex. 



It is believed that normal masturbation can have both physical and mental benefits. These include

Increased relaxation

Reduce stress and anxiety

Better sound sleep

Relieve in headache

Improve sex with partner

Increase in sexual satisfaction

More orgasm

Alternate to pregnancy sex

Reduce stress from mind

Feel more self assured in sexuality

Increase in libido

Good for heart workout

Pelvic floor exercise

Increases blood flow to vagina

Help to relieve menstrual cramps and abdominal pain

And so on…




Masturbation is one of the most common sexual behaviours in women. Even today masturbation is a bit of a taboo topic to be discussed in society, especially in the case of women, so many  love to do it for self pleasure but nobody  talk about it. Nothing harm to have orgasm through masturbation, But excess of everything is bad.

Sometimes excess masturbation can become addictive and compulsive, when woman is depending on it to alleviate tension or escape from the stress of daily life.

No limit is set for masturbation, it’s the personal matter and differs from woman to woman according to their need and mind set, but when it becomes unhealthy habit, it needs to be controlled.

Excess masturbation can distract from daily life.

Spending hours on masturbation each day, and it is interfering with daily responsibilities, is disturbing.

So much fantasising about masturbation and someone can’t focus on work, family relationship or social interactions may be problematic.  


Well to ConcludeSex is not supposed to be Sin, if this is done at proper age, time, mind set, natural desire to have sex, with consenting partner,  Masturbation is one of type of sex. It is a pleasure, erotic, and one of the most safe way to explore the desire and learn in better way what turns woman on.

As discussed above there are so many health benefits to solo sex, self pleasure, or masturbation. So there is no reason to deprived yourself  in some pleasure even every day.

In solo sex there is no need to have consenting partner to get it done and get maximum pleasure. Everything thing is in your control, like -- when, how, which kind of, how long, and how many times, to achieve maximum orgasms through Masturbation.

There is no right or wrong way to masturbate. Do whatever makes you feel good, and ENJOY every minute of happy masturbation.

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