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Discussion about female sexual anatomy, and sexual organ is still taboo in many culture and society even today. Everyone wants to know but nobody likes to talk about.

Although the anatomy of sexual organs is taught in school, perhaps not in every school, but there is still too little knowledge about the female genitals. Females feel shy to ask and parents & teacher also sometime try to avoid this topic.

So let’s discuss first about the female reproductive organs and difference in Vulva and Vagina.



The female sexual genital tract is divided into the external and internal genitalia. The external genitalia is Vulva, consist of the external sex organs structures. The vulva includes the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, vulval vestibule, urinary meatus, hymen, Bartholin’s glands, external urethra, skene’s glands, and pubic hair.

The vulva also includes the entrance of the vagina, which leads to the uterus, the two fallopian tubes, and two ovaries, and provides a double layer of protection for this by the folds of the outer and inner labia. Pelvic floor muscles support the structures of the vulva.

Now perhaps it is clear that the area visible externally, the Vulva, is what so many people refer to as vagina. However the only part of the vagina visible from outside of the body is the Vaginal opening.

It can be revealed with the imaging studies that most  vulva are narrower towards the vaginal opening and wider towards the cervix. This usually forms “ V “ shape, although the widest at the widest point can vary from woman to woman.

When it comes to the vulva, just like every other part of the human body, vulva comes in different sizes, different  colours, and different shapes, Every vulva got its own smell.

Apart from all the differences, the one thing all  vulva  have in common is that they are all Equally Beautiful.  All vulva are appreciable.

Let’s try to understand the wonderful world of vulva starting with various different types.

Asymmetrical Vulva


Vulva may have asymmetrical lips, i.e. one of the lips is larger or smaller than the other. This is very normal and nothing to be concerned with orgasm or intercourse.

Curved outer lips


This type of vulva resemble with horseshoe. In this  type of vulva the outer lips are curved and touch each other from the bottom, due to curved shape a small window like  is visible, from there the inner lips are visible, but don’t hang down side due to curved lips. The inner lips remain enclosed in the outer lips.

Prominent inner lips


It may be the most common type of vulva, in this category the inner lips are little bit longer than outer lips, and hang toward outside,  it is called Curtain lips vulva also.

Prominent outer lips


Outer lips of vulva are fully puffed, thick, and hangout down side, in some cases outer lips are thin and loose, but outer lips are more prominent than inner lips.

Small close lips


This may be called the least common type of vulva, very small, outer lips covers the inner lips that’s why inner lips are completely hidden.  It  may be called  Barbie vulva.

Small open lips


It is just like small close lips, outer  lips create little distance from each other and the inner lips are visible.    

Visible inner lips


It is called Tulip flower vulva also. The inner  lips through the entire length of the outer lips. The inner lips are exposed yet contained.

Well to Conclude There may be various types of vulva / vagina, having different size, shape, colour, pubic hair, fragrance or so. Some people mention it, mysterious, diverse. But seriously, Each vulva is a beautiful unique flower and there is no comparison at all. And nothing  can  affect  the sexual pleasure and normal intercourse. Nothing to worry about, enjoy and stay healthy, feel positive. Always stay confident and keep it mind that, Women are best creation of nature and VULVA  irrespective of type, colour, shape, size, pubic hair, smell, is the most integral  and vital part of women’s physique. Every women should be proud of it.

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  1. This Blog is soo true with all the facts, every womans body is different and the Vagina is no exception, and men love them from the beginning of time, it's like a Magnet... And soo much Power over us.....


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