How to enjoy his soft penis !!!


You are feeling erotic and want to enjoy with him, but he is not hard !!! What to do in this situation and what would be your reaction? Is it possible to play with his soft penis? What do you think when you hear the words playing with his soft penis? It might be surprising and shocking to get sexually satisfied with soft penis… nothing to worry !!! just make sure to learn the truth about male soft baton.   

Discussing  the pleasure of a soft penis. A fulfilling and satisfying sex life doesn’t need to look like anything prescribed by the sexual literature or society. Sex is not always dependent to insert round wand into oval hole as generally many people expect, but it depends how he applies his skill in his own sex life, and one of these pervasive ideas in general is that in order to act sexually his penis needs to be hard and erect, well this simply not true.

For a variety of reason the erection might just not be there. Work overload, Fatigue, Stress, Unwillingness,  Performance,  Anxiety,  Age, Health problems, Emotional issues in their relationship and many other factors can affect men’s ability to get hard but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the partners can’t have sex.

Yes you understood me right. There are many different ways to play together in bed. Manual stimulation, Oral stimulation, Erotic massage, Mutual masturbation, Self touch when you are together kissing, stroking, affection etc, and more of these activities don’t require a hard on.

He can even penetrate his partner without an erection or a full erection if you both are willing and open to it. The truth is a soft penis is still a very sensitive penis. The nerve ending are still there and are still very responsive to touch. It can actually feel extremely good for a guy to have his soft sausage handled and pleasured. It can also feel really fun and enjoyable for you.

Sometimes it’s thrilling but difficult to take his entire length in your mouth when he is fully hard. But It’s easier to take the entire soft penis in your mouth during oral and it can feel really lovely and pleasurable on your face. Much favourable 69 position would definitely play a sensational role during oral sex. The intercourse vaginally or anally as you decide can fell more subtle and  gentle to both of you. And if he is not sure how to insert a soft penis into a vagina or anus, you will need some good quality lube and your lovable posture and cooperation for that.

Further, you and he can feel the penis inside of your body with these sort of scissor fingers. You can even just rub your genitals against each other without penetration which will stimulate a lot of different delicious erogenous zones. And if you want  to feel something hard penetration,  you can ask him to use fingers or a dildo. Sex toys are a wonder things to play with during sex. Using his fingers  is an awesome things to play with and explore together. Don’t let anybody tell you that without a rock hard erection you can’t have sex.

Keep in mind that without his hard penis, you can’t enjoy sex that’s just not always  true, and the only people who benefit from that  myth and  propaganda are those who are trying to sell penis erection drugs. Don’t buy into it, no need to buy it. There is a reason why so many men struggle at different times to get hard or to get fully hard. It is because that’s how everyone is  biological wired. Men’s system maintains a delicate balance of difference functions and resources. And when his energy levels are low or he is not 100 % for a variety of reasons his body will struggle to produce an erection. If somebody is trying to convince you that there is a problem with him and that you need to be fixed through the pill.. run from there !!

Embrace his soft penis as a normal part of being a man, whether that happens to him once a year or he is no longer able to have an erection at all plus everything in between, invite your partner to play with you and his soft wand in a non demanding way, meaning not expecting that an erection needs to happens only then he can start fully reaping the rewards  of the soft dick pleasure. The erection come and go that’s normal. If those come, play with his hard on but if those don’t, embrace a variety of way to play without it.

Always be satisfied and satisfy your love one.

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  1. Well ur quite right about ur facts here, but enjoy the fact that a couple can still enjoy an evening although an man cannot be stiff, and maybe that will make the evening a bit more exciting.......


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