How to turn on a woman


Gentlemen, you must have heard a myth that usually women are much harder to turn on than men. Do you agree with this?

While experts say women are eager for more foreplay than men. Research shows that both men and women don’t differ much at all in how their brains respond to sexually arousing imagery. Some experts describe that normally it takes few minutes to reach maximum arousal for both men and women.

Now let me ask you, Do you know how to turn a woman on? How to tease her, excite her, activate her senses and get her keen, ready and juicy for you?

Well turning a woman on is a huge part of being a great lover and I have feeling that you are ready to upgrade your skill in the bedroom. Whether  it’s a new date or your partner of many years.

So there are a few things that work really well for ladies. Things that not many men are aware of but that are in fact very powerful for a woman’s body and her eroticism. Here are few steps which are essential to apply while turning her on --

Create an emotional connection


A thing number one is creating an emotional connection with her. Many women need to feel Respected,  Safe and Cared for. Gentleman, I can’t stress enough just how important this is. A woman’s Vagina will open up to you once you connect with her Heart.

There’s a strong connection between her heart and her arousal. She might appreciate the appearance of a hot guy in the gym or in sports stadium, but she will have hot for the guy who speaks to her heart. So be patient, invest your time and energy in creating an emotional connection with her.

Don’t try to just get to sex but instead spend time with her, understand her, talk to her, share with her your erotic stories, listen to her also, but don’t do any of that if you are not genuinely interested in her. If  you are so. You will just come across as fake, you need to really want to get to know her and to connect with her, and this is really important because this step is going to make her feel safe with you.

A woman absolutely needs to feel safe around you so that she can become turned on by you. So if you can create that emotional connection and safety with her. Then you can move on to creating excitement, but remember this is the combination of safety and excitement is the most powerful formula to get her turned on by you. So you really, really need both. And once she is feeling safe, relaxed and comfortable around you. It’s time to move further.

Start flirting gracefully


While now, you feel that she is emotionally connected with you, It’s right time for flirting. Men who can use flirting skill fully are rare but they really are powerful in the game of seduction and arousal. And this is because woman doesn’t usually respond well to a very direct approach. How many times did it work for you to ask her? Let’s have Sex !!  May be few and very likely none.

A more flirtatious approach is much more fun and more  exciting to her, so use innuendos and be playful about it. You can look at her cheekily during your conversation and ask adversely, are you flirting with me ? Definitely, her reply would be big NO, normally women don’t always feel comfortable volunteering the personal information.  Or you can challenge her with a smile, Can you guess what colour of underwear I am wearing today ? She will stare at you. Just say your bra fascinates me, she will blush and smile. And so on..

While  you are flirting in this way. You are not telling her directly that you want sex but instead you are sending her mind there so now she is thinking about having sex with you. And this kind of mental images and anticipation of what might come later is very exciting to the ladies. Touching her gently, lovingly, tenderly is a great way to turn her on and there are some particular spot on her body that will respond really well to your hands and fingers.

Initially don’t try to touch her breasts and vagina directly. Putting  your hands on her hips or on the small of her back will create a lovely thrill in her body. Gently caressing her hair, face, ears, neck will cultivate a sense of intimacy and excitement. Massaging with your fingers the back of her neck and the back of her scalp will feel really delicious to her. And her other sensitive spot are the inner arms, inner thighs, in between of her hips, and the back of her knee. Touching all of these spots with a steady yet tender touch will work really well.

So don’t be hesitant with your touch. A stroke that is too light can feel annoying. But also don’t be aggressive or needy, generally ladies don’t prefer needy man, when your hands are searching for her. Finding the right balance of tenderness and masculine strength is important here.

Remember that safety plus excitement technique. Your tenderness will make her feel safe and your masculine strength will excite her and slowly make her vagina juicy.  So keep in mind to watch her body language and don’t be too pushy with your touch.

I understand well that you might be getting excited and keen to take things further but a touch of a needy man is really off putting, while a man that touches in a way that communication to her that he doesn’t need anything from her is just hot !! and if you want even more on flirting with her, exciting her and turning her on with your eyes. Use tricky words and touch  more that would explain her  your erotic feelings.

Understand her body


All women come equipped with breasts, vagina and clitoris, and though these may be different shapes and sizes, they all react pretty much in the same manner. Do you know as all women know that clitoris is extremely sensitive, than vagina. The tip of the clitoris has the same number of nerve endings as the head of the men’s penis, because it is made from the same embryonic tissue.  On later stage, to turn her on, gently stimulate her clitoris with your finger or your tongue or if she agrees encourage her to do it with her own fingers.

Persuade her to receive oral eroticism


Most reliable way to turn her on, gently give her soothing oral touch. Though some women are shy about receiving oral sex, but you understand that stimulation is more precise. A lot of women really enjoy foreplay more than the actual act of sex, So be sure to start out slowly, gently  foreplay from tips to toes, your tongue may be proved as a stimulation weapon if you skill fully move on her face, ears, lips, breasts, arms, belly, vagina, hips and in between, inner thighs and so on.


Many women love and turn on by a very soft pinch on their hips too, but they don’t show it to their loving partner.

As long as you can engage yourself, more and more to turn her on by skill fully using your soft touches, fingers, tongue, As a result she will keep flowering her juices, she will continue showering her love, lust, sensuality, until you both are spending your good time together.

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  1. Mmmmh...... Excellent blog, it shows that woman want Respect and love from men... So those needy guys out there who only want a woman for Sex.. You can learn something from this blog, try rather to appreciate woman more and respect them more in the sense of sex as well..


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