Premature Ejaculation, Kegel is the solution!!!


You want to perform well and for a very longer period of time with your lover on bed, but due to lack of erection in penis and early, unwanted, and uncontrollable release of semen during sexual intercourse, your wish may not be fulfilled. This situation turns your lover sexually unsatisfied and you also feel irritated, tired, humiliated, and ashamed.

If this happens seldom, you need not to get worried, because it might be due to little bit mental tension, work overload, or any temporary reason. But if this early ejaculation or lack of erection becomes regular and almost every times during sex, then it needs your attention. While premature or early ejaculation is not considered a medical condition, but it can have negative effects on a male’s self confidence and can affects his sexual relationship with his lover adversely.

How to determine premature ejaculation

Generally speaking, the principal symptom of premature ejaculation is when you are not being able to delay ejaculation for more than 3 minutes after penetration. But it might occur in all sexual situations, as in oral sex, anal sex and even during masturbation.

Classification of premature ejaculation

Primary or Lifelong – Ejaculation occurs too early or within 1 minutes after penetration in vagina or in anus. Ejaculation occurs all or nearly all the time beginning with the first sexual encounter.

Secondary or Acquired – In this category premature ejaculation occurs gradual or sudden with ejaculation being normal prior to onset. Ejaculation is short but not as fast as in primary. It normally takes around 3 minutes. It develops after having previous sexual experiences without problems with ejaculation.

Anteportal – This is considered the most severe form of premature ejaculation, man ejaculate prior to penetration in vagina

Causes of premature ejaculation

The exact cause of premature ejaculation is not knows even today. It may involves a complex interaction of psychological and biological factors as—

Sexual abuse


Early sexual experiences

Worrying about premature ejaculation

Poor body image

Swelling and infection of the prostate or urethra

Irregular hormone levels, and irregular levels of brain chemicals

Relationship problems

How to handle premature ejaculation

So you know well all about going to the gym and working your muscles to make your body stronger, fitter, able to perform better in different situation, but what about exercising and strengthening your erection?

Do you know that there are muscles at the base of your penis that help your penis to get harder and stay hard for longer, and if you are ignoring their fitness you might be compromising your ability to perform in the bedroom. You ever thought that your penis also need workout. So how to exactly work out for penis muscles ?  And how to deal with erectile problems and to strengthen the erections ?

And if you just heard erectile problems and you are thinking, Oh well I’m good enough, I don’t need and this won’t apply to me. Here are useful tips that will definitely help you to  strength and improve your erections regardless of how hard you can get already. These techniques are for all men who wish to be able to get even harder and stay hard even longer but whenever someone suggest you to take any medication to improve the erection and  performance in the bed room, avoid all this, to strengthening your erections, there are much better, simpler more natural methods that don’t carry any risks of side effects,

Granted there is a bit more work and efforts involved. But these methods can help you fix your problem completely and for life long.

So let’s talk about Kegel.


Kegel exercise are basically a workout for your pelvic floor muscles, the muscles that support the organs in your pelvic bowl including your genitals. This kegel exercise is useful for men as well as for women to strengthen their genitals muscles. Kegel workout is really very helpful in erectile dysfunction and in premature ejaculation.

These are the muscles that you feel contracting rhythmically when you are ejaculating. So an added benefit of strengthening these muscles is that your orgasms and your pleasure will become stronger as well. So back to kegel are great for not only strengthening your erection but also for increasing your ability to maintain a hard penis for longer each time and for lasting longer before you ejaculate.

So in order to perform a kegel you will need to contract the muscles that sit at the base of your penis.

Here are the three different variations of kegel and ideally you should perform all three variations a few times each week, may be even daily if you have the time.

First variation is to make your erections stronger, second is to help you last longer and third is a reverse kegal which is important for both these functions, so there are three parts to a certain and effective kegel and they are as follows—


First you will be clenching the muscles at the top part of your pubic area. And this should feel kind of as if you were pulling in your penis. It would help more if you are without clothes and watching your genitals. In this situation the movements of your penis can easily be seen.  Repeat this many times daily. With the help of this technique few men make the penis very hard without even touching or holding of his penis. They practice it hundreds times.  Don’t do it just after your meals. You can place your fingers at the base of your shaft to feel these muscles working.


Next you will be clenching the muscles that stop the stream of urine. First try to drink more water everyday. Normal or lukewarm water as suits you. You can test this next time you are in the bathroom and urinating. When you feel urge to urinate, pull out your penis and wait gently, don’t rush to urinate. Then slowly begin to urinate, Simply stop the stream of urine midstream as long as you can, then again start and hold, means empty your bladder in 3 to 4 times, not in one time. Make it in your every time practice. Just keep in mind that it won’t be easy to hold initially.  

And now when you start feeling  that you can control your urination flow, the same practice you have to apply on bed while engaged in sexual activities with your partner. Whenever you feel that now you are about to cum squeeze and tight your muscles up to 10 to 20 seconds or as longer you can, it depends on your stamina, let the semen go back in your testicles and start loving to your partner again. By using this practice you can easily enhance your sex timings, ejaculation would be in your control.


Thirdly you will be clenching your anus as long and possible. Don’t hold your breath, Keep breathing normally and gently, clench your anus tightly and release, repeat again and again. Avoid to practice it just after meals. It would definitely helpful to control your early ejaculation.

So far a complete kegel perform all three parts smoothly. Pull in your penis, stop the imaginary stream of urine and clench your anus. Hold all the three together, clenching as hard as you can for about five second and then relax. This exercise will improve the strength of your erection and you should perform at least 10 of these kegel in a row.

Next perform the same kegel but this time you will be holding for at least 30 seconds, when holding your kegel for a longer period of time, you only need to use half of the strength you were using before. So again pull in your penis stop the stream of urine clench your anus and then hold for at least 30 seconds.

This kind of kegel will help you with maintaining your erection for longer and you should perform at least 10 repetition.


Finally you need to perform a relaxation exercise sometimes also called a reverse kegel. In order to do that relax your body, slow down and deepen your breathing and put your attention in your pelvic area. Now with every exhale keep go of any tension in your pelvic floor muscles almost as if you were breathing down to urinate but without actively , putting any pressure on these muscles, just simply relaxing, letting, softening all of that area. Take at least 10 slow, relaxed breaths here, while fully releasing any tension from your genitals.

Initially Kegel exercises won’t be easy to perform, but daily practice will make you perfect.

These exercises are a simple, natural, chemical free, side effect free way to not only strengthen your erections but to also allow you to stay hard for longer and to last longer in bed. When performed at least a few times each week. You will start seeing result within a few days. It would help you and your partner to feel fully sexually satisfied and get rid of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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What is premature ejaculation --

Premature ejaculation is early, unwanted, and uncontrollable release of semen during sexual intercourse.

What is erectile dysfunction –

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection in penis suitable for sexual intercourse.

What is kegel exercise –

Kegel exercise are basically a workout for your pelvic floor muscles, the muscles that support the organs in your pelvic bowl including your genitals.



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