Benefits of Orgasm

Orgasm is really very amazing feeling. Many people consider the orgasm as the maximum height of sexual excitement. It is supposed to be very pleasant and strong feeling of physical pleasure and sensation. Orgasm is ultimate achievement of satisfactory physical relation.

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Orgasm is usually result of sexual stimulation and involved the muscles, blood vessel, and the best part is release of endorphin, oxytocin, and dopamine, which is known as the feel good chemical.

Both male and female feel orgasm, males usually ejaculate when reaching orgasm and females experience vaginal wall contraction and ejaculation also.

While most people don’t need convincing that they should climax more, it’s still a good idea to learn more about orgasm because many things can get in the way of erotic expression. So just in case you need a gentle push to make sure that your sexual and orgasmic life is alive and going well.

Orgasm can do more for you than just give you pleasure. Have you ever thought about the multiple benefits of orgasm ?

Regular orgasm  has many more proven benefits for your mental and physical health, and even more for your relationship.

So let’s explore more by clearly stating that it doesn’t matter whether you orgasm alone or with a partner. An orgasm is an orgasm only, nothing else. So you absolutely can claim all these amazing benefits of regular climaxes even if you are not currently in a relationship and when you are the one responsible for your orgasm.

Lower risk of prostate cancer

Researchers have found that men who experience regular orgasm lower their risk of prostate cancer, and this concerns ejaculation that happens during intercourse, when masturbating and even as a result of wet dreams. Some views are that ejaculation flush out harmful chemicals and impurities that might build up in semen.

Less stressed feeling

When orgasm takes place the body goes through a fascinating chemical process with different hormone and neurotransmitters being released by the brain and both oxytocin and dopamine are particularly important in here because those flood your post orgasmic body quite strongly. Dopamine is the so called feel good neurotransmitter that is connected to the reward centre in the brain, and oxytocin is the cuddle hormone that also result in your entire body relaxing and softening.

What that means is that after orgasm the body experiences a massive level of bliss and relaxation that soothes and calms down the nervous system. When that happens on regular basis, everyone feel a lot more peaceful and less stressed.

Stronger immunity

If you struggle with normal colds or flu you will be excited to hear that regular orgasm can improve your immunity. That happens because orgasms boost infection fighting cells the leukocytes, which are white blood cells that play a big role in protecting your body from illness.

Sound sleep

Have you ever felt sleepy after sex? Or better sleep. Calmer nervous system that you experience after an orgasm is a great environment for the production of melatonin the sleep hormone. As a result you sleep more soundly and peacefully.

Improve fertility

It seems that ladies Improve fertility who orgasm regularly have a better chance of getting pregnant that of course If they are not using any kid of protection. The scientists are not completely certain why that happens but it seems that two things play an important part here. Women tend to retain more sperm in their body when they have an orgasm and their improved immune system due to regular orgasm creates a supportive environment for the pregnancy to occur.

Strengthen pelvic muscles

When the orgasm occurs, it is easy to experience those strong contractions, pelvic floor environment and the strong contraction in genital area too. These muscle spasms not only feel good  but also helps to get pelvic floor a great workout. These are the some muscles that are being used during kegals and so regular orgasm result natural kegal exercise in stronger and filler pelvic floor muscles.

Pain relief

There might be numerous reason of pain in human body, and you prefer not to take pain killers, you will be excited about the next amazing benefit of orgasm, and this is due to the post orgasmic release of endorphins that is the body’s natural painkiller. So weather it is a headache, menstrual cramps or any other kind of pain, instead of taking the tablet it would be much better to have just a good dose of self induced endorphins.

Better focus

This one might not seem very obvious but an orgasm is a great workout for the brain. There are simply so much activities in your brain when you feel so much going on. Every time so many messages and ideas going back and forth. Simply brain is never thought less, until sleep. Orgasm provides relaxation to the brain and helps, natural pathway to become stronger, sharper and think positively.

Better relationship

Remember that oxytocin is a very powerful bonding agent that strengthens the feeling of closeness and tenderness between partners, and as a result of regular orgasms you become much more likely to reach out to each other for support and connection in your everyday lives and you tend to resolve conflict much more peacefully instead of being reactive or aggressive.

More confident feeling

The  people who orgasm regularly seem to have more confidence in themselves. This might  be connected to the fact that they have a good relationship with their body and they understand each others’s desires in bed.

People who struggle to either understand or communicate their needs in the bedroom also typically struggle with confidence. But embracing their own sexually, asking for what they want and reaching blissful orgasmic states on a regular basis is a great confidence boost for both men and women.

So it might be something worth keeping in mind if you would like to improve your sense of self worth. Overall it seems that regular orgasm makes you happier, healthy and more connected to other. But always remember that your own relationship with your sexuality, your body and your orgasm is yours and is unique.

Always listen to your body first and respect its signals and messages. If your body for whatever reason is not responding well to your efforts to orgasm more, first analyse carefully. You might need to be some more work with a therapist first to explore any blocks or unhealed hurt in your erotic life, or might be there are other things in your life that give you joy, love and satisfaction and those are not linked to the frequency of your orgasm. So stay true to yourself, honour and respect your needs and take a good care of yourselves and of your happiness.


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