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Touch is always remain one of the main ways to connect and communicate with someone, the other is with polite words, now touch allows you to really connect to a woman and research shows that men have a lot more luck with women when they understand how and where they should touch them, men often think it is very easy to know how to touch any woman, but it is actually an art and a lot more complicated.

Actually women are naturally very different to men and this means that like different things now women are typically palpable in nature. So this means that their tactile  perception prevails over vision, hearing and other senses and the female body has a larger amount of receptors compared to a man. This is because of the zone of woman’s physic called the erogenous zone.

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Women know that they are more beauty conscious and much more sensitive to touch compared to men which is why they on average touch these spot much more times in a day than a man normally would.

When to touch

Never approach a woman if she is busy. Knowing when to touch a woman it is important to start with this because if you don’t know when to touch a woman, it doesn’t matter where you actually touch her, it won’t do anything. Women do have more receptors in their body compared to men which means they are much more sensitive. To touch those receptors only work when they want to be touched, if a woman is giving you all of the sign that she is interested then she probably is open to being touched by you, if it seems like she is not interested enough she does not want to be touched.

Suppose a woman is trying to cross the road, or she is climbing on stairs with shopping bags, she likes being asked if a man tries to help her and say, May I help you? or Can I hold your hand? And if she agrees, extend your hand and touch her gently and respectfully and hold her hand first, this might be called breaking the touch barrier but it should only happens if the woman also want it to happens.

It is always important to understand where to touch her to get her kind attention. Women expect first respect and then attention and love. Nature has provided them various attractive and sensitive spot to be touched, few of those might be as follows where you need to focus your art of touching –


Arms are probably one of the most touched spot. Women touch their arms several times by themselves but it would be more sensational if touched by man with love. Of course it is normally the first place that man can touch. Man might touch woman’s arms when talking to them, in work place, during travelling or on a first date. So it is normally a spot that you would touch early on her hands. Women really love it when a man holds their hand. This is going to make her feel safe and light and there is no better feeling for a woman than walking down the street and holding a man’s hand. Hands are also very sensitive to touch which can be used in a man’s favour. You can massage her hand or touch them softly when you are starting to get a little bit closer.


Women love nothing more than a man running his fingers through their hair softly. Every women love their hair. Hair is most valuable treasure for them. It’s very difficult to explain why they prefer it so much but it makes them feel safe and loved. It’s sometimes that you can do while you are walking with her or sitting and waiting for coffee. It’s such a small thing that you may think that she won’t notice like, but do you know that she will notice and it’s going to give her butterflies in her stomach.

Head (Scalp)

A woman’s scalp is loaded with nerve endings, very receptive to touch and it can make her shiver when someone touches it or massages it, then she will feel instantly relaxed and stimulated, it’s a great thing to do when she feels nervous about something or if she is looking stressed. She will really appreciate it and it shows her how much you do care of her.

Ears and earlobes

Ears have several nerves ending and this makes the ears very sensitive to the soft and gentle touch, both men and women like having ears touched and also kissed, a very gentle bite on ears give them goosebumps.  It’s amazing that why most men miss or forget about, it can be something that is touched during sex or when you are both intimately sitting or lying, ears are both a sexual touch receptors and an emotional one too, so it can’t be ignored to softly touch or gently bite the ears.


Neck is supposed to be highly erogenous spot, softly touching them on their neck with your hands or with lips is a highly sensational and erotic. This is depicted in related ancient books also that touching on their  neck might turn them on, and women for sure is going to love it when a man kisses their neck or runs his hands across the back of  neck. It is normally a sexual touch receptor but it can make women feel safe too. So if you are willing to touch a woman then the neck is definitely a sensual spot to touch.


This spot is an interesting and attractive one. You need to know her and you need to be serious with her. You can hold her face gently with your both palm and start by touching her cheeks before touching any other part of her and if she lets you touch her face. It’s a sign of trust and that she really does like you on some of these spots. You can try this spots out for yourself and will see how the lady reacts.  


Lips are another intense erogenous part  that you can touch and kiss but on later stage, if you feel that now she is more comfortable & open and willing to be touched. It is the sign that she is willing to go further in love. Touching or kissing lips feels most erotic and sensational, kissing really feels awesome, during this time, brain produce more feel good chemical and that is dopamine and oxytocin. Lips are very sensitive than other part of the body, so during touching or kissing, it’s an obvious spot  but so often it is not touched enough and it’s forgotten about how kissing is one way to attract her.

Upper back

Women really enjoy their upper back being touched and also massaged. There are plenty of nerves in that area, extending down to the butt cheeks. It triggers erotic pleasure when softly touched. How you could grab massage oil and after to give her one you could even make a date night out of it or you could just surprise her by rubbing your hands up her back. It is definitely a relaxing touch point, the lower back and upper butt cheeks can respond to anything from erotic, light, soft touches to grabbing.


Their wrist has often been assumed  as a sexual sacred part of the body, touching them can actually feel really good and they are one of their touch receptors so why not give it a go, just try it, but  not to grab their wrist unless that is something that they do like.


Most of the women love it when a man grabs them by the waist. It is one of the woman’s body part that is different to a man’s. It’s the slim part of a woman’s main figure, and in between lower back and hips,  that is why they like it when a man grabs and appreciate it. Often a woman will wear a tight or body fitted dress that accumulates the waist this is to encourage a man to grab their waist to simply appreciate it.

Inner thigh

The most intimate and erotic way to touch is to place your fingers near her inner thigh. Since this erogenous spot is very close to the women’s genitals, so touching the area right very near her most private and sensitive spot is really very ideal place to tease her. This is something that you can touch when you and she are getting close. She would definitely enjoy it when you touch her inner thighs and it is a sensational spot to touch. If you are willing to get her in the mood then try touching her inner thigh, while you are getting closer & closer see yourself what happens next.


Who would have thought a woman’s knees would be a place that she likes to be touched ? it is a reassuring spot to touch a woman, for example if she is stressed, tired or got and adverse news, or if she needs some support in a situation then it might be a good place to touch. Women are always more emotional than men and often need this additional support through touch to get love, affection and care.

Remember, Woman doesn’t own you anything, but you have to earn. To touch your loved one is an art. It is very challenging and requires a lot of patience and practice. That’s why always keep in mind that touching should be spontaneous and subconscious. It should not be planned and never forced. Touching is always not for sex only. It shows a lot of love, care, fulfilment of emotional needs.  


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