How to help your man to delay ejaculation


Since ages a lot of men desire to last longer in bed. Whether they suffer from premature ejaculation or physical weakness? They often desire to extend their stamina, but stamina doesn’t mean how long male partner can perform, it also refers how strongly one can perform without getting tired, without losing the lasting power during love making.

It is normally assumed that long lasting and satisfying performance is the responsibility of male with whom you are enjoying. All the sexual activities from initiating to finish have to perform by males only. Females are supposed to be just a passive sexual partner only. Perhaps it’s not always true and acceptable. When both the partner are engaged and enjoying the most intimate sexual activities together, both are supposed to take part actively and try to satisfy each other willingly.

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So being his love partner you are able to help him to last longer that is a very valuable skill, surprise your lover by guiding him through your previous sexual experiences where he managed to last much longer than he ever has in his life before and this is something that these men have typically reacted to with a huge surprise or over shock but each time, each one of these men had a very positive or even enlightening experience in how women could be helpful in extending their sexual experiences together and this something that any woman can do, it doesn’t require any special skill or talent. It just requires a bit solid knowledge about a man’s body and how his arousal works and how it can be extended much beyond what men are used to during intercourse.

Sexual imagination


So it is needed to explore this issue much deeper. Let’s have a look at how any woman can help her lover last much longer in bed. The first thing to understand here is what actually leads a man to get erection and ejaculation. It is his excitement as simple as that, this excitement is built by sexual stimulation his lover’s naked body, her touch, her erotic sexual images in his mind, but most of them effect the stimulation of his genital, if his penis is being stimulated in a way that builds his arousal very fast, he will cum early, so be careful and take your time, help him to imagine more and more in the way he likes. You must have seen various ancient erotic paintings and statues, sculptures in books & magazines, or in caves where those are scripted and embossed, try to feel them inside yourself, depict & imitate those pose and scenes. Always try to divert his attention from one erotic thought to another, never let him focus on to finish or cum.       

Slow him down


Remember that in normal condition heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure, increases little bit during love making and his mind pace his arousal to help him to last longer, try to slow down the entire experiences. It is not appropriate to presume that just because he is inside of you, doesn’t mean that he needs to keep pumping continuously like a sexual robot or automatic sex toy until he is done. Keep changing the sexual activities, positions. Always go slow, just because you are stimulating him orally or manually it don’t mean  that you need to go hard and fast until he explodes, it’s okay to slow down and cooperate with him to take breaks. If you ignore his pace and let him continue his body may becomes over excited, he will cum very early and for the most that means the end of the intercourse and might be possible that you are not fully satisfied, bear in mind the consequences of premature ejaculation so always slow him down.

Help him to relax


Always pay attention to something very specific when you are in bed with your man and that is muscle tension up all the muscles surrounding his genitals as they get aroused. This tension is almost involuntary and it accelerates his ejaculation. So paying attention and helping him relax his pelvic muscles is going to help him last longer. This can look like placing your hands on his back and gently massaging that area or rocking it from side to side. You can also encourage him with your voice saying relax, go slow or soften your pelvic area. While he is in relaxing mood you can engage in solo sex, sit in front of him, feel and touch your private parts, your breasts, belly and caress your hips and legs in erotic style, it will definitely increase his erotism without ejaculating early.

Monitor his breath


Another thing to pay attention to his breath is it fast and shallow or slow and deep? Because again this is something that will influence his ejaculation, fast and shallow breaths will promote a faster climax which you won't prefer, while deep, relaxed breathing will keep him going longer. So help him by noticing his breaths and by guiding him to slower deeper sort of breaths, it not about cum only but about calming down the body with a relaxed breath to encourage him last longer.

Show him feel your erotic touch


Finally one more thing that is a powerful tool of expanding his lasting power is your erotic touch. Many women make the mistake of touching him mainly on or around his penis, and while that will feel very pleasurable and exciting for him. It will also localise his sexual energy in one area and you don’t want that. In order to help him last longer his energy need to flow more and expand in his body and that kind of experiences require a full body touch.

So instead of venturing mainly to his neither regions allow your hands to wander all over. Touch his belly, arms, neck, face, ear lobes, his legs, his strong buttocks, genital, testicles, even his feet. Stroke, massage and caress him all over during the experience and particularly as he gets more aroused. This will really help to guide his excitement all over his system instead of keeping it locked in his genitals only.

You would never like to be as the other women who often get frustrated from premature ejaculation of their husband or bed partner. It is also true that man can’t last many hours on bed. There should be optimum and reasonable time period of intercourse including foreplay to satisfy both the partner, and the time duration is not supposed to be the entirely responsibility of male partner only. You should also contribute equally, just to use your sexual experiences, beauty and fashion, erotism, way of presentation, sensual style and different sexual positions.     


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